Annoying Circles

In Annoying Circles you have to stay in the circle. This fast paced hyper casual game challenges you by circles getting smaller pretty fast.

Enjoy this fast, hard and challenging arcade skill game and try to get as much points as you can!

Simple controls! ğŸŽ®

❇️ Drag your circle with your finger around the screen to stay in the circles

❇️ Don't let go or otherwise you'll lose!

Earn points! ✨

Each circle you managed to stay in gives you one point. So try to be faster than those annoying circles!

The best things about Annoying Circles! 🌟

🤣 Fun and challenging endless gameplay!

ğŸŽ® Simple controls and short game sessions

🚌 Kill some time while waiting for the bus or doing your business

ğŸŽµ Listen to outstanding and banging DnB Tracks!

ğŸŽ© Beat your own high scores and share them with your friends!

Send your feedback! 📣

When you experience any issues or want to leave us a comment, feel free to write an e-mail to or use the feedback button within the game.