Beach Ball Jump

This beach 🏖️ is a really fun place. When you manage to avoid everything. 😀

In "Beach Ball Jump!" you control a beach ball which jumps with every tap on the screen. While rolling on the beach you earn your points but be careful, you need to avoid all obstacles on your way or the round is over.

🎮🎮 The controls are pretty simple:

  • ❇️ Tap to start and fulfil your first jump.
  • ❇️ Tap after that to jump even further (try to avoid every obstacle in your way).


Don't tap if you want to "roll with it" and earn points while rolling on the beach.

After the bar is filled, you earn one point! But be prepared: there is no such thing as "infinite roll". While you roll, you slow down and if you stop, you'll need to start a new round.

Have fun at the beach!

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